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【Prevention first, prevention not "ignited"】Yuebei Technology Conducts Fire Drill Activities

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Safety responsibility is as important as Mount Taishan. In order to enhance the fire safety awareness of all employees of Yuebei and improve their emergency prevention capabilities for sudden fires, Nanjing Yuebei New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. organized a fire safety learning and training exercise for all employees on July 24, 2023.

Scenario simulation: Evacuation and escape drill

In case of danger, evacuate in an orderly manner. As the fire alarm sounded, all department employees strictly followed the evacuation requirements, covering their mouths and noses with hands or wet towels, and efficiently and orderly evacuated to a safe area.

                                                                                                          Scenario simulation: on-site rescue and rescue of injured personnel

Life first, rescue first. The emergency action team has a clear and orderly division of labor to cooperate in rescuing trapped personnel.

                                                                                                 Scenario simulation: Use of fire equipment




      Extinguish the flames and control their spread. The person in charge of the company's production safety department explained the correct use and precautions of fire equipment, and guided everyone in operation.


  Through this comprehensive emergency drill, the ability of all employees of Yuebei to respond to initial fires, use fire-fighting equipment, on-site rescue, and evacuation has been enhanced.

      Safety is greater than heaven, and everyone has a responsibility. In response to this fire safety drill, company leader Wang Zhengyou summarized the problems that occurred during the emergency drill. Yuebei Company will continuously improve the normalized safety production mechanism, regularly inspect fire equipment and organize safety training, create a safe and stable production environment, and ensure the company's safe, healthy, and limited development.

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